Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I love you like wax lips and candy cigarettes

It's hillllarious!! I finally got the picture thanks to Sydne and her McGyver tactics! How creepy do me and my BFFi look. Hopefully my hair won't look like his any time soon :) I kinda look like Michael Jackson, ha ha. I hope that goes on the employee picture wall, just so everyone knows how glamorous I am.
I just got back from physical therapy, gotta love getting "free" massages and lifting a few weights. I slept really crappy last night, I'm pretty sure it's the Valtrex. It makes me soooooooo nauseous, it's ridiculous. I woke up at 3am in major stomach pain. I didn't know what to do with myself. I decided to Google Valtrex to see if I could find any suggestions on what to do for the pain, but not so much. So then I just took some more ativan and compazine and hoped that I would pass out - I eventually did, but couldn't get out of bed for PT. I slept until like 12. What a slacker!
I'm starting to get a little nervous about tomorrow with getting the port and doing chemo when I'm already feeling nauseous... not a good sign. I need to figure out what bland food I'll be having for dinner tomorrow, I also need to get a sandwich to bring. In the hospital they have an Au Bon Pan, and I swear I will never eat there again. I hate the food and everything there makes me think of feeling like crap... so if you ever want to meet for lunch at ABP, I hope you like eating by yourself :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow Kelly! I'll be thinking of you.
Loving this site too - you are rockin it!!
- Jess S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, you look gorgeous, even with your oversized lips!!