Friday, March 9, 2007

Not the best news

So yesterday I went for a doctors appointment before chemo. We were supposed to go over my recent PET scan and breathing test. Unfortunately, the PET scan showed that there is still more cancer in my chest and it looks like we're not halfway yet. Most likely, I'll be doing 4 more months of treatment. I'll get retested in 2 more months, but they said most likely it'll still be 4 months. I'm so disappointed. I really thought it would all be gone. It sucks too, one of the first shallow things that popped into my head was that I'll probably be bald by the end of 6 months, and I don't want to. It makes me feel normal to have hair and I don't want it gone.

Yesterday was such a long day of me crying and being miserable. To top it off, we had to switch my IV to the other arm because my vein started hurting and the fluids weren't moving fast enough.

I can't wait for cancer to be over.

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