Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dear Chemo - Suck It!

It's Sunday, I'm feeling pretty good. I napped most of the day, just because I thought it was a good idea, even though I felt pretty good. I just went out to dinner with mom and dad. I took a shower before we went out (wow, I know!) and surprisingly, I had more underarm hair than usual, HOORAY for no bleo. I also swear that I lost less hair during this shower - it could just be me being crazy, but I'm hoping not. I also switched to a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner - not my usual glamorous style, but it makes less hair fall out and I was getting dandruff, how weird.

I'm thinking that I'm going to feel pretty normal this week - it's just a hunch though. We'll know more on Tuesday I assume. I have to head back to my apartment next week - either on Wednesday or Thursday. I have a bunch of tests to get done and I'm going to meet with a radiologist to learn more about the potential damages of radiation specific to me. I'm also scheduled to get a CT scan and a PET scan. Lots of tests, lots of fasting! We called and asked the CT scan people if I can bring my own juice and they said yes, hooray. We're also going to use my port instead for the CT scan - they're just too damn stupid up there to get an IV in me right.

I think I'm going to plan a movie night with work peeps for next week. It's also Pat's birthday weekend, so I have to try and plan something funtastic. Lots to do, lots to do! I should be getting my Cancer Is My Bitch shirt soon as well and also I bet I'll be getting some headbands too! Yay!

Fingers crossed for a good week!! XO

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