Wednesday, April 25, 2007

There Were No Bald People Harmed During Tonight's Comedy Event

Hooray for nights of fun! I just got back from the SAMFund benefit at the Comedy Connection. I took Pat for his birthday bonanza and Mandy and Jeff met us. I made us sit in the front row - duh - I love to heckle! I even rocked my chemopalooza hat (Dad would be proud) because it was raining - what a waste on doing my hair today - but alas, the hat was a hit, Sam (the founder of the SAMFund - which doesn't actually stand for her name - Surviving and Moving Forward) even got a kick outta my hat. I'm kinda surprised none of the comedians said anything about it - but it was still a good time. I threw Pat under the bus a few times and he got made fun of - I love doing that :) One of the best lines from the night was "Daddy I want to be a truck driver and smoke cigarettes" Well Honey, the world always needs more truck drivers, so smoke lights!" I think the guy said it better, but it was funny nonetheless!

Pat and I are always looking for something to do on our next "Day of fun" and we decided we should rent a Duck Tour bus and have chemopalooza part deux. Any takers?

Also, who knew - no bald people at tonight's event! I was a lil surprised. I wish I could have helped get more people to go - I'd say the room was about half full - still good though. I even tried to pick up an Asian comedian for Pat - she didn't bite though :( Sad lamb!

So tomorrow it's off to see the radiologist to find out the fun dangers of radiation... too bad I already know I don't want it - the rest will be determined by this weeks PET and CT scan (fingers are crossed tightly!!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I heart you!! You're the best... and I totally can't wait to see you soon.. u GOTTA wear your chemopalooza hat AND the "Cancer's my bitch" shirt... well, at least, show me them! Umm, and PS- I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE OUT NEAR YOU! xo