Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ahoy Flag Day!

So it's official - I'm not doing radiation. Hooray! I went to meet with Dr Fisher today at Dana Farber and he said that the side effects from radiation will out weigh the possibility of getting a relapse, meaning the side effects (breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid problems) are too much to consider doing since I'm already in remission. So hooray, looks like June 14th it is - Happy Flag day!! Hopefully I can start planning post-chemopalooza soon - I'm thinking July/August timeframe. I can't wait to be done. I even asked him when my hair will stop falling out and he thought 2-3 weeks after I end treatment - how exciting!!!!! I figure my part will start to cover up by August.

I'm feeling pretty tired today but I figure I'll be over by Thursday - fingers are crossed :)



Shawesome said...

Definitely July August- I must be a part of post-chemopalooza!!

Chris said...


Good news - no radiation treatment.
Keep strong for the last chemos and you will be leaving the suite for the last time before you know it. See ya
Chris X