Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's Offically Summer - I Went Swimming!

Hooray! I went swimming for the first time this summer! I went to the beach this afternoon with my parents and Judy, and my dad went swimming, but when I put my feet in I thought it was freezing, so I decided against swimming. We left around 5 to get dinner started and when I got home I decided I needed to take the pup swimming, so back to the beach we went! I was throwing his ball for him for a while, then I decided screw it - Time to go in! So in I went! I didn't actually get to swim that much because my dog was being a bitch and was scared of the waves - but still I went up to my neck, got the hair wet a little by accident...which meant I needed to wash it tonight...but to my surprise I lost less tonight in the shower! It could be the different water, or the chemo wearing off - who knows, but even when I combed it I didn't have much on my comb, so hooray, maybe it's over, let's hope so!

Here's a picture of the sky across the street from my house. I didn't get to take any exciting pictures yet, so I just went outside really quick to give you something. It's so nice being here, the air smells good, it's not muggy or too hot, and of course, it's pretty! We have the 4th of July parade next week and fireworks, which I somehow forgot all about! I'll be sure to wear lots of sunblock, don't worry. Oh and my dog STINKS! I think it's from swimming, and I'm typing this from my bed and I think the little bastard was sleeping in my bed while we were at the beach because I can smell him, yuck!!!!

Anywho, that's my update for today. Cross those fingers that the hair is done falling out and I can enjoy my new shampoo in peace :)



Anonymous said...

Sounds beautiful, I bet you felt great in the sea with your pup, health and freedom...yipee!!!!

Have a great time!


ps has Leon recovered?

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are having a nice time. I've taken the time and read from the begining on your deserve this vacation. I can't thank you enough for sharing your story. I had my consult yesterday, so they could tell me what to expect with Chemo...they pretty much told me everything you've told me. Thank you again. Enjoy your vacation!