Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My New Annoyance

So I think I briefly mentioned my newest problem, an ingrown hair on my leg that has turned into the size of a golfball. I'm on antibiotics for it, but it's not doing anything, and I'm in major pain, including walking with a limp to avoid hitting it....so I called my onc and told her all of the drama, how it's getting bigger and more painful as the days go on, so I'm going into surgery TWICE this week! Tomorrow I go in to get this lovely drained and cut off or whatever, then Friday is port removal - funtastic! And of course, I tried to get them both done on the same day, but no dice! This thing on my leg is soo painful, it keeps me from doing anything, so I can't wait for it to be sliced and diced!

All I got for now. XO


Sanbandit said...

Ooooouch!!! Hope you get that sucker drained and fixed quickly!! Good luck babe!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck today Kelly, I bet it will be one of those where there is istant relief when popped.

Laughed last night when you sussed it was me and the 'poem' for Wullie..

Will email later, about the get the children ready for school.

bye for now