Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today = Uneventful

Nothing exciting going on today. I went to Tim's graduation party last night, had fun, played some horse shoes for the first time ever, I sucked, but did get it around the pole thingy once which is 3 points... I decided against drinking which I think was a good choice, my body isn't ready yet. I was exhausted when I got home, and realized that I haven't really driven at night time that much in the past few months, so it was kinda weird for me. I felt kinda "eh" today. I think I wore myself out yesterday, or my body is just taking a break, it's been a busy week for it - 2 surgeries, antibiotics, and getting over chemo! So yeah my leg was bothering me today -it still hasn't healed up, and I was just tired and had a cranky post chemo stomach, so I decided to just stay in all day and watch crappy TV. I'm hoping to be back to normal tomorrow, but I'm being smart and not pushing myself to be better yet - sheesh, it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet! I'm excited for Friday...why you ask? Because it'll be the first Friday in 6 months that I haven't been recovering from chemo! I'm pretty sure me and mom are going to Block Island on Friday, I'm so not ready yet :) Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some of my errands done. One thing I'm going to do to celebrate no more chemo is BUY NEW SHAMPOO! I was told your hair stops falling out around 2-3 weeks after chemo, so soon enough I'll be showering everyday! So yeah, tomorrow I'm going to splurge and get a new smelling shampoo. Yum.

Anywho, that's all I got for now. I'm going out to lunch with some work peeps tomorrow, should be fun. I'll post more when I have stuff to write :)



Wullie said...

Sounds like your doing just great, Kelly. Hope the leg doesn't give you to much jip for too long. You could really be doing without added pain right now!

Thanks for all the support this last week. You have no idea how it perks me up!
Drinks and fun on me when we get to MA!

Veronica said...

Oh - and book us in for that horse-shoe throwing malarky!! Sounds like the Scottish pastime of tossing the caber (except that you have to try to throw a tree-trunk, which isn't all that easy to do, or all that much fun come to think of it :)

You're doing great and being mighty sensible by not pushing yourself too fast - take it easy, chill and enjoy getting better.........xx

Chris said...

Hi Kelly.
Took me approx 4 weeks to get the bloody chemo out of my system and after that I have felt the best for 6 months. People keep telling me that I look too well which is a great perk.
Re hair, I have started shaving more regularly and my hair is darker and thicker than before. Have a good day or two with your mom.

Sanbandit said...

sometimes uneventful is a good thing. Just rest and relax, let these pesky drugs get out of your system. Hope the leg heals quickly!

Duane said...

Hi Kelly. Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to visit your site from time to time.

Stay well and wishing you the best,