Thursday, June 7, 2007

What A Long Night

Well last night was interesting to say the least. Usually by Wednesday night I'm almost normal and just need a little something to go to bed, but last night I had bad heartburn/indigestion and couldn't sleep...then I got REALLY cold. It was terrible I was shivering and had 3 blankets on and sweatpants...and I couldn't calm down. I finally woke up my dad and asked him what to do, I felt like I was going to throw up and I was freezing. We decided to just take another ativan and see if I can pass out...but it didn't work. Around 2am I decided I needed to take a shower to try and warm up my body, then I ended throwing up in the shower (definitely cleaner that way!) and still feeling cold and crappy. I went back to bed and bundled myself up and waited for my mom to get home from work (she works until 2;30am) and around 3ish she came up and by then I had passed out for a few minutes, and was now really hot. She took my temp and sure enough it was 101.9 - I'm pretty sure that's pretty bad for a cancer patient. I took some advil pm and drank some ginger ale and finally fell asleep around 6am. What a long night. I hate heart burn, it's the worst. No matter what I take, it always comes back. So now I'm just hiding in bed for a little while. I was hoping today would be a normal day and all would be on track to feeling good...but it looks like I have to take it easy.

And thank you Chris, Wullie, and Veronica for the nice comments on my previous post. You're right, I need to look towards the future. I gotta stop making myself look at old pictures, it'll just make me cranky! And to answer Meg's (Sissy Spacic) question about when I'll start planning chemopalooza - I'm not going to do anything until I'm done with chemo. I don't want to jinx it. Most likely there will be 3 parties - 1 in Burlington (Boston area), 1 Longmeadow (Parents house), and a little one on Block Island for whoever can get out there. It should be funtastic, but again, I won't start planning until after chemo is officially over- maybe even after my next round of scans is complete too. No jinxing allowed!!!!

Anywho, I'm off to go eat some soup with mom and if I get lucky maybe I'll take a real shower and put real clothes on :)


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