Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hooray, It's Done Falling Out!!

So I'm back at my apartment now, got home a few hours ago. I went to the monthly lymphoma group meeting at the Wellness Community on the way home from Block Island, then dropped my stuff off and decided to order some food and hit up CVS for some small hair ties while I was waiting - got some new small clips and small hair ties, since it seems to be how I wear my hair now. I've got lots of little baby hairs poking thru - most of them are a very light yucky brown, but I figure soon they'll start growing in dark, and if not, I'll color it - ha! So after I bought my hair supplies I went to pick up my pizza, and the girl showed me the pizza before giving me it and asked if it looked okay - and it kinda just looked so-so, they hardly put any cheese on it (ya know the fresh mozzarella ball kind) and I said eh it looks kinda crappy - so they made me a new one that was MUCH better -- AND they gave me the first one too since they were just going to throw it out, so I've got dinner for tomorrow as well!!

Also, on the hair topic, I have to share my excitement that it's been 5 weeks and my hair seems finally back to normal - I can take a shower, wash it how I used to, and know that I won't come out of the shower bald!! It's so exciting! I just took a shower for fun before bed, and I haven't done that in 7 months :)

Anywho, I gotta hit the hay, I'm sleepy doodles and I have a PET and CT scan tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself for 3+ hours in between each scan. Feel free to call my cell if you want to entertain me :) I'll post more soon. Oh yeah, and think happy, clean scan thoughts for me!!

Oh yeah and I have more pictures to download, maybe tomorrow at some point, so stay tuned for an updated photo album.


Wullie said...

Good luck with the scans!
Hope the weekend flies by for you.

Kelly, could you please hunt me down some cinnammon tic-tacs or gum? It's the only damn thing I can taste and I don't think the kids would appreciate it if I added it to all our meals!! We don't get them over here!


Ryan Armbrust said...

Hope your scan go well. I am just sitting around this weekend in a chemo fog.

Sanbandit said...

Yay the chicken hair is comin in and staying!! I'm sure the scans will be great and all clean! :)
Funny chemo today (which i didn't say in my blog) left my legs and arms feelin heavy along with the tinglies. ah well should go away soon (i hope)!
much love to ya babe! Thanks for postin and bein there for me when this all started. Just found out my stepaunts, cousins daughter (did ya get that) is going through diagnosis for HD so hopefully I can be there for her in the same way!
anywho have a great weekend!!!!
Oh and for Wullie, get the Dyntyne Fire, heavy intense cinnammon, gotta def be able to taste that for sure!

Veronica said...

Thinking of you this weekend - sending the best possible vibes to those scans.............x

ps - sneak some peanut butter m&ms into the box headed for Scotland - I HATE cinnamon!!!!1.........xx