Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Pup The Surfer!

Today was pretty uneventful - I helped my parents plant some plants in our yard this afternoon, then everyone had nap time for a couple hours. I woke up and went to the beach with my dad and pup - took some good pictures too! It was kinda annoying at the beach though, there was no breeze so all of the nats were flying in my face and eyes!

I'm uploading my pictures onto my webshots site, but the files are pretty big so it's going to be a while until they're up and running. You can see them here when it's done uploading :)

I'm gonna go finish being lazy. Hopefully tomorrow is hot and I can go swimming again! :)

Oh and incase you're wondering, Leon is doing fantastic! He's in the middle of our kitchen table so he can eat with us - he's an attention whore! :)


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