Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some Pictures

I just thought I would post some pictures that I forgot to post earlier, mostly I'm just doing this to keep myself busy :)
Me and Mom

Me and Dad The fam - open your eyes!!

Joyce and Charlie in their new fabulous kitchen!

Joyce and Mom - two short ladies, notice the fanny pack!

Joyce's Hydrangea's

Joyce's alternative to the chocolate cake - chocolate brownies with melted Hershey bar!


Wullie said...

Hee Hee Hee.
Fanny pack has such a different meaning here in the UK.
Childish humour over I love the pics. You look so well and smiley.

Keep the positive outlook!

Veronica said...

Sorry for the Neanderthal male who posted above.....boy humour!!

You know what my favourite pic is = the Brownies, they look so good. I attempted to make some last night but I didn't cook them long enough as the 'gooey' centres were pretty runny :(.....You look good too, Kel, but you know, chocolate............there's not really any competition ;)

Stay strong...............xx

Unknown said...

Love the pics Kelly, thanks for sharing. I agree with Wullie and Veronica, you look great. Are those first pictures from Block Island. What a veiw? I think I need to go to the ocean this weekend. I'm gonna talk Josh into taking me to the city (San Francisco) this weekend. Me and my sunscreen :( Talk to you soon.

Unknown said...

Great pictures! Hope to see you at Wellness in the future. Now I really want a brownie...