Thursday, August 16, 2007


One thing I have to vent about... so a few people have IM'd me today (I'm hardly on IM, for a reason) and I hadn't talked to them in a while, and they both knew I had cancer and asked me if I had any new men in my life. Yeah, in between chemo treatments, I went to the bar, picked up some dudes, brought 'em back to my apartment, had my way with them - of course not letting them touch my hair because it would all fall out! I dunno, maybe it's me, but I was kinda offended that they asked me, like I don't have enough stuff to feel crappy about, now I'm reminded I'm also single! Whatevs!

Anywho, just an update that tomorrow is my PET scan and Monday at 9am is my oncologist appointment. I also stalked the dermatology department because I have more itchy spots on my body and they're driving me nuts, so I'm not sure if my rash is spreading, if it's eczema or what, so I'm going tomorrow afternoon! Which means I'll be getting my PET, then going to my apartment to eat and then soon enough I'll be heading back to go to the doctors to see a dermatologist. I hope they give me something good - I really want some kind of pill so I can kill all of the skin germies, because this whole topical cream BS doesn't seem to do the trick, plus if new spots pop up, I don't what to use! Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but it's a possibility that I'm allergic to alcohol or beer, and maybe pineapple juice (yum!). When I had a week of waiting to see a dermatologist I did some thinking and some googling and saw that eczema can come out with alcohol -- and since the spots popped up about the same time I had my first post chemo drinks, it got me thinking. Then I was talking to my mom about how much I like pineapple juice since chemo, and she mentioned maybe that could be the cause as well - so some more googling suggested it could also be a problem! So I'm not allowed to have either fun drink, at least until my skin clears up and then I can introduce them separately. AWESOME!

So anyways, I don't have much else going on with me. I'm at my parents house and leaving in a little while to head back to my apartment for the weekend. If you want to hang out and braid hair, lemme know!

Oh and PS, a reporter I know sent an invite to join Facebook, so I'm trying to figure it out, but if you have it, feel free to find me and we can be facebook friends.
Oh and by the by, my new favorite thing is to go thru people's Flickr accounts and steal pictures, like this lamb bonanza!
Think happy, itch and cancer free thoughts tomorrow and on Monday!


Jon said...

If beer gave me bumps, I would be one bumpy mo-fo.

BTW, the lls copay deal and the $500 dealio with their local chapter is crazy. It's potentially 3K in hook ups. Finally a benefit for having the hodge. Thanks for turning me on to it.

Mad luck on the PET and Dr.'s visit.

Sanbandit said...

Hey there
CancerCare has grants and money hookups too!
Oh Sad Lamb :( I hope they can stop the bumps and new ones and get it all cleared up! I think you should ask for a steriod topical cream. from reading other peoples itchy experiences it seemed to help. An unscented aveeno body lotion. Dove unscented body soap but not the bar cuase it has alcohol in it. Just a few ideas.
Hoping for an all clear scan!!!!And a good Derm appt!
I'll find out my scan tomorrow and get chemo, fun fun fun. Call me if you're bored, I'm sure I will be lol

Anonymous said...

whattt. we're totally becoming facebook friends.

Wullie said...

Hope the scan went well, Kelly, and that you're amusing yourself to keep your mind off getting the results on Monday.
I go for my post SCT scan on Monday... crapping myself!

Facebook is getting grilled in the UK. Too many paedos and ultra right wing people. Our MPs want it closed down!!!

Veronica said...

Kelly, you'll be in my thoughts so much tomorrow - I'm back at work, but every second I get I'll be wondering how your results have gone. I'll check in tomorrow night and, if you're up to it, I'll give you a phone on Tuesday night...............?

Take care girlie...........xx