Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mini Update

Howdy Chemopalooza readers!

I'm just posting a mini update:

  • Last night I made myself go to the gym, I stayed for over an hour, rode the bike for 40 minutes and did about 14 miles on it. I also power walked for about 20 minutes. And the best part is, I didn't get my heart rate freakishly high again, I think I'm just going to have to avoid the elliptical for a little while :)

  • My trip to the dentist was uneventful, finally a visit where I know it's okay if I don't bring anyone!!! I had no cavities, HOORAY!

  • I ordered me and Pat's tickets for the Duck Tour for Saturday, so we are officially going!!

  • I think I'm heading back to my apartment tomorrow to get organized for Chemopalooza part deux.

  • I might make myself go to the gym again today, which would be super impressive!!

  • And I think I'm going to try and wax my eyebrows this week, how exciting, it's time!!!

  • Still no word from disability folks, I'm going to start calling again tomorrow if I don't hear anything.

That's all for now!!



Cindy said...

Kelly one comment I have on the long term disibilty, if you can't get an answer, get an advocate! Have you ever met with a social worker where you were having treatments, or anyone like that? Ask them for help. I don't know if it will do any good, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Our social workers here at Hospice of North Idaho do it for our patients and their families all the time. Once they start calling the insurance companies, they usually get answers. You give them hell, girl. Glad you decided to have the party!!! Love Janes mom Cindy

Sanbandit said...

Hey Kel! So much fun lastnight! AND Yay!!! on the no cavities, nice job!!
Hope you can get the disability stuff worked out cause that totally sucks.

Veronica said...

You're putting me to shame, Kelly! I've done no exercise since my shameful 12 minutes on the elliptical!! But I will let you inspire me into doing more - honest!!!

Still haven't received your package - but we're having a lot of postal strikes over in Bonnie Scotland so it'll find its way eventually! It's nice having that childish excitement when the postman arrives - there's a race to the door.......all 4 of us!!!

Take care you......seriously impressed with how well you're doing!

As for the disability eejits.......use 'pester power' - just keep being polite but phone every day and increase that to every hour if you need to! Pester power works for my 3 year old, she's got it down to a fine art - I'm sure she'll be happy to teach you the ins and outs ;).......xx

Anonymous said...

Ummm. PS. I'm reading your blog, and I am SO JEALOUS that you're waxing your eyebrows -- what a silly thing to be jealous of right? ;)

I actually get mine threaded in was the new craze with my friends last year. Mmmm. can't wait to start.

Hope you're getting excited for your par-tay. Thinking of you lots Kel.

Tons of Love,


Mary said...

I have to take off what Bekah said and comment that one of the major advantages of the hair loss is having almost naturally sculpted eyebrows for once with no plucking.

That and not having to shave armpits to wear tanktops. (Probably too much information. I apologize).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly...I read your post on the Hodgkin's forum regarding warts...I finished my last ABVD treatment 5 weeks ago and began gettng warts during my 5th cycle. At first no one knew what they were..then a few other people showed up with warts. The nurse told me that because warts are a virus and my immune systems was comprimised I got them...bummer. Luckily...after have MANY of them they are now finally fading. fyi...I tried searching warts on the forum and no one mentioned them... :(