Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thank You Wullie and Veronica!!!

I've been waiting for more info to give you all this update, and today I got it! So are you all know the lovely Wullie and Veronica are obviously some of the nicest cancer warriors there are (yes Veronica, you are too!!). They sent me an email about planning something for my birthday and then sent me this the other day while I was on Block Island:

Right then, Kelly, my friend. We have sorted your present out. It is a combined birthday and "thank-you for keeping me going and giving Veronica support through transplant" present. I've arranged a pampering session here : It was the only place I could find near Burlington that looked good and they have promised me on pain of death that they will look after you. I've spoken to Beth and they seem real nice... here's a snip from my initial email enquiry....

"William--We will make sure to take good are of her. This business was founded because one of our owners lost her husband to cancer. We also have a massage therapist who battled back from stage 4 stomach cancer and just celebrated her 5th year anniversary with a clean bill of health. You will be sending her to the right place. "

I think they'll understand the shite we've been through. You should get a call from them in the next few days to arrange times etc. I hope you don't mind us doing this... well it's tough if you do as it's done now! You've been such a rock to us even with you going through the same shit that you deserve a little self indulgence.

So today I got back to my apartment and immediately checked my mail and there was a letter from the owner saying I will be getting a: facial, massage/body scrub with lavender, manicure and pedicure and lunch! So pretty much a fabulous day of Kelly! They said I will be there for 4 hours which is pretty exciting! Thank you so much Wullie and Veronica for planning this treat for me, I'm really looking forward to it! Also, as I said in my email, you never have to thank me for support, you guys have been with me the whole time too! :)

Today I was driving back from fighting my speeding/expired inspection sticker ticket (which I played the cancer card and won -- but it soo needed to be used as it was really my excuse) and decided to try and find the spa - which I did! It was a pretty slow day for them, so one of the owners actually walked me around and showed me all of the rooms - which were really nice! Sometimes spas have nice websites, but when you get there, it's kinda yucky -- but not this place, hooray!! They helped me pick all of the best folks for my spa day, which will be on Friday, September 7th! Oh since they provide lunch too, I asked what it was, making sure it wasn't some sort of weird bagged lunch or weird healthy spa crap :) And it was takeout from a yummy sounding italian place, and of course, they even serve chicken parm :) Ha ha!

Thanks again Veronica and Wullie, you are both so awesome and thoughtful! :)



Sanbandit said...

Wow! Double Wow! Thats sooo very cool and nice of Wullie and Veronica!!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is the best gift ever Kelly!! I hope you ENJOY every moment of your spa day!! :)
- Jess

Veronica said...

You are more than welcome, deserve it for all the good you do for others too!

Just hope you enjoy it!! Roll on next Friday.............xx

ps - sorry I missed your phone call today, will catch up with you very soon........x

laulausmamma said...

What a thoughtful gift from Wullie and Veronica, Kelly. I know you will enjoy the "day of Kelly" : )