Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

I'm back from Block Island, and what a stressful weekend it was! I decided I'm going to have to post a Kelly Q&A because everyone I see asks me the same damn questions over and over, and if I see a few people I haven't seen in a while it's like 4 hours of cancer questions, which is just really painful for me. I don't mind talking about stuff for a little while, like maybe 10 minutes, but I don't want to hear the same questions over and over OR hear about your friend that had breast cancer, or your relative that had cancer and died! Come on, I'm in cancer limbo and I don't need to hear about cancer 24/7! I know you probably would have talked with me about work or something, but since I'm out of work, there's not much to discuss - that's okay! Let's just look at scenery or talk about stupid movies, or just have BS small talk!

So I'll be posting the Q&A and an update on my weekend soon, maybe when I have my own computer (it's at my apartment). I'm heading to Dana Farber tomorrow with my parents (hopefully he'll give us some more insight) and maybe we'll stop there on the way back - or I'll just go at some point later this week. Oh and I'm sick, I've either got a cold or really bad allergies - booooo!

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