Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Back From New York!

Hi everyone!!Thanks for checking in on me, I apologize to leave you all in limbo, but I figured it was time to go see some sights of New York, pretend that I don't have cancer and pretend I don't look like someone tried to slice my neck.

Here's the latest, but NOT the official update:
As you know, when I woke up from surgery the surgeon told me that what they took from my thymus was *most likely* Hodgkin's because it looked just like it under the microscope - but obviously, they had to do the official tests on it to be official...Then my onc told me he would probably know by Tuesday, so he actually called me while I was on the bus going to NYC, and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Hello?
Lymphoma Dude: Hi Kelly
Me: How are you Dr. Fisher?

Lymphoma Dude: I'm doing good, and I think you are too!
Me: Huh???
Lymphoma Dude: As of right now, it's not showing up as Hodgkin's, just thymus - weird I know. I even asked about the frozen section that they thought was Hodgkin's, and so far it's not showing'll have to wait for the official news since I'm having them go thru all of the nodes to make sure there's no Hodgkin's on the edge or anything - hopefully I'll know by Thursday.


Soooo it's Tuesday, and they don't have any official results for me yet and said it's taking a little longer for some of their tests and I should hopefully know next week, around Wednesday. Anyways, I don't really believe I'm clean. People were telling me to celebrate, but really it just makes me want to get another biopsy of the spot they didn't biopsy. So in a nutshell, that's the latest and greatest.

As for my trip to NYC, it was fun but REALLY hot and humid, and ugh yuck - I can't deal with walking around sweating buckets all day - I don't know how you city folks do it! I got to meet Sandy and stay at her apartment in Astoria (thanks again Sandy!!) we went to the I'm Too Young For This comedy show that I scored free tickets to (thanks Matthew Zachary!) - we actually got REALLY good front row seats too! The comedians were super funny, the drinks were free -- damn cancer, wish I had more energy to drink! -- but I still got one fancy drink (a pomegranate martini). I also got to meet Matthew Zachary who runs I'm Too Young For This, when we met, I said "Hi, I'm Kelly," and he just shook my hand and pretended he knew me, so then I said, "Ya know,," and his face lit up and he says, "Oh Kelly Kane!!! We get so many hits on our site from your website!! You should do my radio show sometime, let's figure it out!" So hoooray, I'm going to be on his radio show at some point, it's called the Stupid Cancer Show and he's had celebrity and other amazing cancer fighters on his show. Check it out, you can set it up on your itunes to download automatically, by clicking here.

Then the next day I did some sight seeing, sweated some more, met Jason Kelly, a reporter I used to work with (ya know, when I was working) who I always had a deal with that we would meet in person if we were ever near each other-- so I obviously had to, duh. Plus I got to see how swank the Bloomberg office is. Then I did some more sight seeing, met Sandy for dinner then went to a Broadway show called The Ritz which had half naked gay men in little towels (hooray!). Today I met my pal Arik that works at BusinessWeek, who like Jason Kelly, I've never met in person, so obviously had to. Then I thought I would do some more sight seeing, but once I got outside, I decided that it was just too humid and headed back home because it was just too hot to deal!
I hope I covered everything. I totally get to check NYC off of my to-do list! I think I'm going to head to Burlington tomorrow to check my mail and maybe be social?...I'm not sure yet though... I also might go to a work event as well. Anywho, I gotta stop typing because my lap is getting hot! I hope you are all well, and yes, I owe a bunch of email replies to you all - probably tomorrow.

Oh and one last funy picture... me in one of Sandy's wig, looking very "normal" except for the slash in my neck :)



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the checking off New York of the listy.

And yeah us, we're neck slashy twins. I got a mediport put in yesterday and it inserts in the right side of my neck. We could walk around NY streets and look like we got mugged together or something.

Hey, you're close to Boston, right? Do you ever listen to Dropkick Murphy's, just a wondering. I thought about u when I heard one of their songs today.

anyway, take care.

BaldyLocks said...

You look amazing in that photo! I have a scar too, on my chest and my neck from my Hickman line. They shrink and fade over time. It's been 10 months and mine are much less noticable now.Try rubbing vitamin E oil on it.

Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

OMG spacic that wig looks so good!!! I am very happy about your early news! Call me tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic phone call!!!! so pleased, that it the best news! You look fantastic in the photo Kelly xx

Anonymous said...

from vxx by the way

Anonymous said...

Kelly! I am so happy to hear your news, I HOPE that its all good news and will be waiting with everyone else to find out! So funny that you met Jason and Arik, was it everything you hoped it would be? ;)
- Jess

Duane said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm happy to learn that your trip to NYC was fun despite the humidity. It seems like to caught in a number of the sites there.

With love and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

ow ow!

look how beautiful you are in that wig! (not that you need it at alllll)

glad you're alive lovely.

Tons of Love,


Unknown said...

Hey Kelly, That's great news and love that wig on you too.
2nd cous,

Anonymous said...

Kelly! You look super hot in that wig! Let me when your around - we need to get Frozen Cosmo's soon! TTYL

Anonymous said...

Hilaaaaaaaaarious that you found time to fit in some meetings with your biz press peeps. You're such a schmoozer and I love it. I vote for you to get a long hair wig (if you need/want to)- me and Terry think you look lovely in it....jess.

judy tierney said...

It's about time you got some good news. Yahooo---from BlockIsland

Sanbandit said...

Hey Kelly you made it home! thanks for comin out and scoring the free tix!! Was great to finally meet ya face to face! Glad you enjoyed yourself as much as you could in the hot and humid weather, sorry it was like that but i can't control that one! Keep me posted on what the docs say!

Unknown said...

Hey Kelly,
Glad to hear that the results were good. I am also glad to hear that you had a good in NYC and got to meet cool people. My Dad is now reading your blog too. We are so impressed with you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, NYC was oddly humid last week. Glad you had a great time. If you liked the gay boys in little towels, you should check out Naked Boys Singing - yup, it's exactly like it sounds!

My friend had thyroid cancer two years ago and had her thyroid removed. She had a lovely gash in her neck, but you see her today and you'd never know! So keep positive, that gash will fade in no time.