Friday, October 5, 2007

Block Island Blogging

Hi everyone, I'm posting from Block Island. I'm hiding right now while my whole family is drinking wine and being loud - I can only take so much. I think it's funny how the tables always turn when we have big family gatherings, or even little ones, I'm always the cleaner-upper, and my family are the drinkers, and I'm usually sober... weird, I know, especially since I'm 25! Ahh well! Oh and my aunt and uncle gave me a birthday card that was a giant pickle -- and they didn't even know about my pickle fingers, freaky huh!

So today me and dad and the pup went swimming in the ocean. It was a little chilly, but not terrible. I had to at least check it off of my list -- Go swimming in October, CHECK! :) It was a funny day, super cloudy in the morning, then the sun came out for about 2-3 hours, and then tons of fog rolled in. We hit the beach just in time to enjoy the sun while it lasted, yay! But, silly me, I forgot my camera at the house, so no beach pictures today -- sad lamb!

Right now my back is KILLING me and I also have this annoying tightness in my chest, kinda between my boobs, I used to get it towards the end of chemo, but we never figured out what it was. Maybe it's my menopause wearing off?? Eh, who knows. Hopefully it feels better soon.

Oh and my sterry strips fell off this afternoon!! 2 weeks on the dot, probably the same time the surgery ended too!! Pretty crazy. The scar doesn't look terrible so far. I think I'm going to have a keloid scar on a little spot in the beginning of it (at least) it kinda looks like a pimple that needs to be popped... but probably only in my crazy detail oriented eyes. But not as bad and dramatic looking as I thought. I'll take a picture tomorrow, I'm too lazy right now. Cross your fingers for no keloid yucky scarring, I really can't deal with having a painful puffy scar there!!

Oh and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. My cousin Roland is here from Montreal, so we're going to eat like it's Thanksgiving, hooray! Roll out the apple pie and cranberry sauce!

That's all for now. I hope you're all doing well!!



spincrzy said...

Wow, you've had quite a week! Glad you're enjoying the beach though. Happy thanksgiving!

Veronica said...

Do you know, I've always wondered when Thanksgiving was.........we see it in all the movies, but I never realised it was in October, for some reason I thought it was closer to Christmas........ah well - I learn something new every day!
Enjoy the rest of your stay on 'The Block'.......can't believe you can still swim in the sea in October......!xx

Unknown said...

Wow, you are still swimming. I would think the water would be freezing. So this is Canadian Thanksgiving?? Then do you celebrate again in November? That would be awesome....I love Thanksgiving dinner and to get to do it twice :) Hope you have a great time at Block Island with your family.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Kel, just checking in. Glad you're enjoying yourself with the fam even though you may be the cleaner-upper ("I repeat, I am not your maid!"- you crack me up)!

Take care, Dah-ling!


Sanbandit said...

Yay sounds like you had a fun day, well minus the loud family drinkin. And don't clean up after them!! Maybe that little spot on the scar is a knot with the stitches that hasn't dissolved yet. Yay swimming in October!
Enjoy the early Canadian Thanksgiving!! I'm with Jane, do you get to celebrate the US turkey day in November? Love it!!

Mary said...

Two Thanksgivings? YUM.


Unknown said...

Yesterday was beautiful. Glad you're getting to enjoy your weekend in Block Island...