Monday, October 22, 2007

Check Your Men Rolodex

I've decided that when all of this cancer business is over and I'm officially declared in remission (hopefully on Thursday) and when I'm back at work -- I'm going to have a Let's Set Up Kelly On Dates free-for-all... what do you think?? Veronica and Wullie and Chris and Vicky can bring me a foreign man of their choosing - ha ha :) But really, I think I'm going to send an email to everyone I know and have them start racking their brains to find me Mr Right or at least Mr Rightnow.... sound good? So start thinking.... think hard... I like 'em tall and dark haired and of course hillllarious.... if he's not funny there's no deal...and if he's hideiously funny deal... we don't need a supermodel, just your averge Joe that doesn't live with his parents and has a job... nuff said, get working!

As you were...



BaldyLocks said...

I'm a bit far away to take part in this particular mission. You never know, though.

Sanbandit said...

Hmm i dunno if can spare a free man since i'm on the look out too haha. I'll see what i can find to send your way! ;O)