Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Heart Haunted Houses And Hay Rides

I didn't go to the Halloween party last night. I just didn't feel like it. I'm sure it would have been fabulous, but I dunno, it gave me a weird semi anxiety attack or something... so whatever, I didn't go. Instead, I went with Mandy, Jeff and Scott to Witch's Woods and had so much fun! Scott was my fake date for the night. They had 3 haunted houses and a haunted hayride! A few years ago, I REALLY wanted to go to something like that, but it was tough to coordinate people, so I didn't end up going, so I'm sooo glad it was already planned for me to add myself to the mix :) HOORAY! 2 of the houses were kinda scary, the 3rd house was TERRIBLE! It wasn't scary at all!! Ha ha! You could see the people before they jumped out at you, and they weren't scary! I would just smile really big at them! ha ha!

Me, Jeff and Scott also went on this crazy scary ride -- probably not the safest idea to go on a carnival ride, but whatever, I've mastered cancer, I might as well cheat death this way too! Anywho, the ride was soooo scary, it threw you around so high, Scott sounded like he was going to die on it!! ha ha!

I'm off to Western Mass for the weekend... I miss my pup! :)



Veronica said...

Really glad you enjoyed your Hallowe'en treat! Looks way too scary for me - there'll be none of that in June, let me tell you!!!!

Enjoy your time with your pup.......xx

BaldyLocks said...

I hope you are having lots of fun! Laying around can be fun too, says me.