Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hi all! The blogging class went well. I'll probably end up doing one again in maybe 6 months or so, who knows. I've got all the info pulled so it'll be a breeze to do it again.

Honeslty, not too much is new with me lately. I went to New York last weekend and stayed with Sandy. We saw Kathy Griffin and I finally got to meet Morgan who I knew I would be bffs with from the start. It's been a long few weeks for me. I've been busy at work, and in life in general and I'm really looking to catch up on sleep this weekend.

Oh and the hodge sucks... it's recently taken another fighter, Sarah. I might need to take a break from the forum soon.



Wullie said...

I want to walk away from the board for a while as well as my head is 100% fecked.
But I can't!
People supported me when they were obviously going through shit times so I figure I have to do the same.

Love you loads, Kelly.
I hope you know that.

Veronica said...

Yeah, the board's hard just now - there'so much sadness and you can almost sense the fear each time I log on.
I'm with Wullie on the 'can't walk away thing' for the same reasons. However, take time if you need it - that's why Brian had to take time out and why so many others just need a break......just make sure you don't make me have to come stalk you - stay in touch! Ha - that's you told!!
Love you MUCH more than Wullie does........yeah, we've got a competitive relationship ;0)

PS - bet you rocked as a blog teacher.........xx

laulausmamma said...

Glad your blog class went well and that your job is keeping you busy. Helps to keep your mind active and on something besides illness. Still waiting for the picture of your finished paint job.

I feel the fear also...thankfully Lauren (we think) just had a clean CT so I feel a bit more comfortable hanging around the forum. It's so hard to stay away!! Kelly, please let us know if you will be taking a break...we have lots to plan for the Boston get- together and could use your blog instead. It's understandable that you might need a break right now - it's been especially hard for you the past couple of weeks. We'll keep you updated with the important stuff if you do.
Big warm ((HUGS))