Monday, February 18, 2008

Lazy Monday

What a weird day off. It's about 60 degrees out, and has been between 45 and 60 thru the night - and super humid. It feels like spring. My apartment is super muggy, but I'm kind of enjoying it. My windows are open, I even almost wore flip flops this morning to go out to breakfast with Pat, until he yelled at me because it was raining -- but I totally could have! It really feels like Sunday, especially since I was visiting my parents and sleeping all weekend. I'm glad I had the extra day to pack in some randomness. I still need to do some errands - especially grocery shopping, my fridge is virtually empty and that's never my style!

I purchased two new cds on itunes this weekend, and I'm throughly enjoying them! I got Sara Bareilles and Paolo Nutini, both REALLY grow on you. I'm listening to Sarah Bareilles over and over today - I can't stop! So if you're looking for new cd suggestions of kind of good sing along in the car kind music, purchase 'em. And Sarah is especially fabulous if you're a sappy chick like me :)

Hmmm what else... have I mentioned that I finally replaced Leon #1? I'm calling the new fish Leon as well - we're just pretending he was on vacation :) Here's a picture of him, he's almost as cool as old Leon!

I think that's all for now. Oh and I've added a few new songs in the beginning of my playlist, enjoy!



BaldyLocks said...

I just checked out the song. I like it.

I'm glad your fish is there to keep you company, all I have is a tarantula (and occasionally crickets who are actually lunch).

I wonder if my tarantula battled your fish who would win? Oh, sorry. I've been talking to my kids too much.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll think positive thoughts!!

Veronica said...

Glad to hear Spring is in the air in Boston (it was here for 2 days, but we're back to Winter!)'s obviously building to be a scorcher of a Summer for our trip in June :0)

Will be thinking of you ALL day tomorrow (5 extra hours, remember) and sending all the best thoughts a girl (and guy!) can muster. Make sure and let us know IMMEDIATELY as soon as you know!!

Muchos, muchos love........xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely songs, inspired me to order 'Once'. Will be thinking of you tomorrow Kelly.