Thursday, March 20, 2008

Count Down To The Anti Hodge Bonanza - 99 Days!

Hi all. I'm still sicky, even took today off to prevent spreading my yuckies around the office, and get some sleep. I basically slept all day which was much needed. If I'm feeling like crap tomorrow I'll be hitting up the doctors. I'm slightly scared I have bronchitis or something since I have such a deep cough, even coughed up a lil blood today -- yuck! But I'm a trooper, so I'm hanging in there.

The Anti Hodge Bonanza is getting closer and closer. It's going to be the weekend of June 28th. Veronica and Wullie get to Boston on Thursday the 26th from Scotland, and then most of the others get in on Friday and stay thru the weekend. Thus far, the master plan is most people arrive on Friday, we have festivities and touristy stuff on Saturday afternoon, including a duck tour! We commissioned Ry Ry to create some shirts for us, so we can be one obnoxious group on the tour. Then Saturday night we're going to have a big dinner/party at a place to be determined -- if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, I think it's my job to figure it out. I think we'll need to rent out a room at a restaurant. Then we'll all sleep off all the champagne that Wullie promises to buy us and head to Sherril's house in Salem for a cookout on Sunday. The count of people is about 25-30 -- which is pretty amazing since a bunch of them are flying in from the West Coast.

I also checked in with an editor I know at the Boston Globe to see if she knew if anyone would be interested in covering our bonanza - I think it's a good feel good story for the Sunday paper or something. She said once I have the official details to tell her and she can pass the word along.

So mark your calendars because June 28th is a big party! Oh and if you didn't have the hodge but may have fought some other cancer and want to partake, let me know, the more the merrier! I know that Baldylocks is going to try and come and she had Leukemia, so bring on the cancer fighters :)

Other than that not much is going on. I've got the windows open right now and am trying to enjoy some fresh air and feel better - it's actually helping a lot. This weekend is Easter weekend. I'm not super religious or anything, but there might be a small family brunch or something, so I might go visit my parents -- but I'll be leaving all my valuables in fancytown. Afterall, my dog misses me... yeah totally random (well sort of) but when I talk to my parents I eventually make them put me on speakerphone so I can saw hi to my dog, and he freaks out now and barks at the phone, it's pretty awesome, he misses me. Oh and that reminds me, I need to find him a new Easter lamb for his lamb collection :)

I hope you're all doing fabulous and drinking lots of vitamin C to keep the sickies at bay.



BaldyLocks said...

I want to COOOOME! I just need money. Maybe I'll sell all my paintings and get the $$$. I hope so.

I hope you feel better soon.

Veronica said...

Hey - sorry to hear you're feeling crappy! If you're around and wanting a chat then email me where you are and I'll call you (include your parents' number if you're at home!) - I'm on putting-the-horror-to-bed duty tonight so it'll be after 4pm your time.......let me know!

Loves and anti-sickie hugs.......xx

Michelle said...

Hey, how ya doing? Just wondering...your event in june in boston sounds amazing, i do not have cancer, never did but my mom does, so does this count? I'd like to maybe attend??? What do you think?

laulausmamma said...

Hey Kelly...sorry you're feeling crappy and yucky...but it will feel sooo good to feel well again soon. It was close to 80 degrees here in sunny Southern Calif today. What might the weather be like when we invade Boston the end of June? Humid? It's sooo very exciting to be making all our plans for the weekend...we'll all be exhausted by Sunday night from all the partying/hugging/laughing/talking/picture taking I'm sure ; } It will be GREAT!!

Hope you'll be feeling unyucky by Sunday so you can enjoy a nice day with your family.


Miss Melanoma said...

Hey chica, I heard you were sick and thought I'd drop by to send you get well vibes. Actually, someone told me you were "laid up," but I misunderstood when I heard that and I actually got really happy for you! hehehe... Anyway, sorry your sick and hope you feel better soon!


Candace Kuchinski said...

Yay! I can't wait to meet you all! I am on the list, aren't I Kelly? Dennis and I definitely and perhaps my sister because she has been following some of you too. Such a sweetheart. Where are people staying wile in town?

Duane said...

Feel better, Kelly!! :)