Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kareoke, High School Fun, and Dates!

Wow. I just read a bunch of old posts, it's been a crazy year! I saw some people from high school last night, I hadn't seen some since pre-chemo and some since Chemopalooza2, so it was weird and a little bit of a blast from the past. I felt awesome and looked pretty awesome in the grand sceme of things. It's weird to have such major changes in my life in the past 2 or so years. It's scary to think that I felt so amazing when I was diagnosed with the Hodge, and it creeps me out to think this cancer can just secretly grow inside you without you knowing it's there. I'm starting to think about my June scans, I believe they're June 9th or so. I know it's far away, but you know, I start to feel around my body and think "What's that?! Is that more cancer?! Fuuuck!" I had a headache last night, and other than the Hodge, I've never been a headache person, and then I starting thinking, "Oh crap, maybe I have brain hodge!" yeah I need to calm it down. All-in-all, I'm mostly doing good with post-hodge life, but here and there it creeps up.

I'm getting in the swing of things at work lately, I feel like I'm doing good. It's funny when I came back, I was so scared of being promoted to the level above me, and kept saying I don't care about being promoted, I can be my level for a few years, I'm still learning. But lately, I think, man, I'm actually mostly doing the work of that level, and I'm not scared! Sometimes, I do get pigeon holed to act a level almost lower than I am which is weird, but I'm trying to roll with it. Because of the hodge, I've actually never gotten a 90-day review or year review, which I really should have requested the 90-day earlier since I've been back since November. But, I'm assuming it'll be soon, I hope so. I need to find out what to do to get to the next step, make some more money, and accel. My PR confidence is slowly coming back, and it's good. One of my VP's said that my security account team will probably get teamwork of the month next month - which is pretty awesome. My work gives people awards for trade, digital , broadcast and business hits of the month, and teamwork of the month -- and I've never gotten one because I've had a combo of previously shitty accounts and the hodge. I'm really antsy about getting one, I need some sort of reinforcement that I'm actually doing a good job and it's not in my head. Unfortunately, these nominations are half political, so I understand that it does take a bit longer to get something, but cross your fingers. I'm expecting broadcast hit of the month, hopefully I get it.

I'm rambling a lot today, sorry. Let's see, what else is just plain ol' new in my life. I got to do some kareoke on Friday, which was pretty amazing. Me, Jeff and Mandy went to what we call Lesbo Town (no offense to my gay pals!), it's this shithole bar in Lowell, MA where our friend Steve was throwing a little bonanza because he's moving to one of the Carolina's I forget which one. We call it Lesbo Town because there are tons of lesbians there, and I'm pretty sure I got hit on too! Me, Jeff and Steve sang I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness, which I've decided is one of the best kareoke songs for someone with a high-pitched voice like myself that doesn't try and get all American Idol and try to be an awesome singer, I prefer to make a giant ass out of myself :) I tried to embed the music video from YouTube, but I always have trouble copying the embed text, does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me - Rosanne ? Wullie? So if you want to see the video click here.

Last night was supposed to be my Boston/Artu adventure, but it got canceled last minute. I hung out with Pat, Janielle, and other high school peeps instead. It was good, I think I actually needed that, old school style. I got to see my prom date from 11th grade, Derek, I should really try to find a picture from prom, we looked hot, ha ha.

Today is my date day with date guy. He was supposed to plan a date for me, but he lucked out since I still want to go to Artu, so he got an easy date to plan. He offered to make me dinner, but I really didn't want to chance it that he might fall asleep on my couch again and leave me to order pizza instead :) He brought me some silly magnets from Ohio this week, including a magnet postcard, ha ha. Oh and he brought me a big beer mug from a restaurant there.

So yeah, that's my latest and greatest. I should go get dressed and get ready for my day.

Hope you're all doing fabulous.



Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe date guy got you more presents!! How was your date?? I want details!

BaldyLocks said...

Sometimes I have to tap on the embed code in Youtube to get it highlighted, then copy and paste it.

It sounds like work is easing out for you, I'm so glad.

Unknown said...

SOunds like your doing good. How did the date go?