Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Like Green

It's been a while since I've posted and I've been keeping super busy! I just went to a Celtics game today (how excited are you Wullie!?!?) and although I'm sooooo far from a sports fanatic, I had a really good time. And it's the only time I can wear my green sneakers and all the green I want, and totally fit in! It was a close game, but they won. And they handed out free shirts that said playoffs and was umm green :) Oh and I also bought myself a giant green finger!! Yep, I was that asshole!!!

On a post-hodge note -- I was supposed to get my haircut this weekend, which meant it was probably 6ish weeks from my last cut, and I so wasn't ready yet. It's SOOOOOO curly and still has a good amount of growing to do. It'll be fab by hodge bonanza time! It's so weird (but good weird) and thick when I wash it, it's like old times! And of course, my shower is literally FULLY stocked with shampoo from wall too wall.

I went home to visit my parents last weekend for Mother's Day, it was a good time. I like to visit them once in a while because I always get to catch up on my sleep when I'm there, plus I get to see them and my dog! I also cooked them dinner on Saturday, and gave Annie her presents, which included a Hoops and Yo Yo singing card which she loves AND my dog loves too! We got him howling with the card after a few tries! He also made sure to break out all of his lambs for my visit -- there's about 8 of them!! I also took my parents out to dinner on Mother's Day and then headed back to my apartment. So basically, I'm a terrific daughter and made up for my brother being such an asshole.

I'm looking forward to a nice long 3 day weekend next weekend. I have no plans thus far, but I'm okay with that as well! Fingers crossed for a breezy work week!



BaldyLocks said...

Nice to see you around again.

Veronica said...

Hey Celtics Girl! Wullie is 'green' with envy ;0).......but I assume you're keeping the big green finger for his Boston souvenir??!! :0p

love and hugs


Duane said...

The Celtics are on to the next round. Way to go!!!