Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love Long Weekends!

I'm sad that my long weekend is almost over. I feel like I accomplished a lot though. Got in a little fun, a little R&R and accomplished all of my errands that I've been putting off for the past month! It feels like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulder. I even went and checked out a gym today - I need to do something about getting back into shape, and since my work will reimburse me up to $1000 I might as well use it! I think I'm going to join it, but I'm going to test it out for the week first to make sure I actually like it. I already booked an appointment with my personal trainer for this Thursday. Best part about him - he's hillllarious, AND his last name is Kelly, sooo I told him we should get married! Ha ha ha! I'm such a loser! And what's that you ask? Is date guy still around? Yeah, he is... but umm I dunno, it seems like we're more friends than getting married. He kinda kisses me like I'm his grandma, and ummm... remember, I was in menopause for a year, I kinda need some action :) So I dunno. Just keeping my options open I guess. I mean I'm just kinda going with the flow for now, but I'm getting a lil antsy...

Hmmm what else is going on. Oh Annie didn't come visit me this weekend as I was trying to plan. Poor mom, she's so stressed with my brother living in their house, nothing like having to babysit a 28 year old man! I wish she could just get away from him and relax, hence my invite to fancytown... maybe another weekend. Next weekend I'll be staying at my parents house, but they won't be there, just me and the pup! I'll be dog sitting until Monday afternoon, which means I get another 3-day weekend and quality time with the dog!

Oh and the anti hodge bonanza is approaching fast!!! It's June 28th!! At first we thought there were 40ish people attending, and it's already gone down to 15ish... it's getting to be annoying to track everyone down to get their RSVPs...soooo if you're reading and you haven't RSVPd you need to tell me by Wednesday! I'm looking forward to finally meeting Veronica and the Wullster!! I'm also approved to take the following week off for work as well, so I'll be off from June 26th or 27th (I forget) until July 14th! Yaaay! I'm really looking forward to a full week at the beach relaxing and swimming and hanging out with my family!

Anywho, that's really it. I just thought I would post since I've been sucking at it lately.

Hope you're all well!

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Veronica said...

Yay........4 weeks and 2 days til we hit Boston!! You're doing great as our 'Boston tour guide' but it must be frustrating!

Good news on the gym.........I've been walking 3 miles a night, but because I'm getting so much fresh air I'm hungrier, so although I'm fitter I'm not seeing any actual benefits!!

Glad you're sounding happy, grandma :o).........xx