Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

The anti-hodge bonanza was hodger-riffic! It was so great to meet everyone in person! Although according to everyone, I'm just waaay too shy and I need to come out of my shell a little. Ha ha ha, I kid, I kid - I was the loud one, duh! I believe Ry Ry said he likes me better online!

It was a jam packed weekend. I met Ryan, Jenny, Jon, Dawn, Wullie, Veronica, Mel early Friday afternoon. It started pouring so we all hung out in the hotel bar for a while - the lightening even broke a window at the hotel, scary huh? Then we wandered and found some random-ass Irish pub for lunch, where we were greeted by what at first we thought was just a gay man with terrible braces AND a lip ring who offered us some "Tasty Drinks" (you need to say it in a gay lisp too!) and then some people started to think he actually had a hint of Irish accent - it was quite the game to determine it - we think he was just gay-tastic.

After that ummm... wow, I already forget! Oh I think we just did a bunch of city wandering (and sweating "like whores") and then came back and got ready for dinner at Anthony's on Pier 4 - it was a fancy-ish seafood restaurant. There were quite a few of us and we even got our waiter to sing happy birthday to Wullie - his one year was a few days ago :) After dinner, I headed back to my apartment because my mom was staying the night so she could come on the Duck Tour with us. The next morning everyone else went out to breakfast together as me and Annie (aka Mom) packed up and headed to check into the hotel and meet up with everyone. At the Duck Tour I made sure everyone got duck kazoos which was quite the obnoxious scene! Jon created the best kazoo sounds this side of the Mississippi!

After the tour people went and wandered in different directions - some went to Harvard Square and some went to Faneuil Hall and grabbed a snack and headed back to the hotel to change and get snazzed up for dinner. I even wore a dress - which later turned out to be probably a bit too slutty for public consumption - but Annie had convinced me to wear it! Let's just say everyone knows what my bra looked like! I also got sang to by a hobo who basically eye raped me... ha ha!

Dinner was great, there were lots of pictures taken (just not on my camera, stay tuned for Ry Ry's). We hit up a bar next door afterwards and stayed for a few hours - some stayed basically until close! All had fun though! I keep kicking myself for not finding a kareoke bar to bring us to! Ugh! After that, we went to meet Skye and raid Tianna's mini bar - she moved everything in it and got automatically charged for everything in it so she figured everyone needed to consume it - it was SUPER hilllllarious!

Brunch the next day was brunch-tastic. All of us catching up on things we missed the night before. After brunch Annie and I checked out of the hotel and brought Veronica and Wullie to my apartment to pick up all the food for Sherill's BBQ and then headed up to Salem. After that, Veronica, Wullie, Ryan, Jenny, Bonnie, Susan, and myself went to this cute little restaurant in Beacon Hill and then met up with Jon and Dawn at the hotel for a drink.... basically that was the weekend... a VERY long funtastic weekend :)

I also slept all day today since the whole weekend I was fighting a sinus infection so I'm super rundown. Veronica and Wullie are here until Thursday and then I head to Block Island until the 13th! I can't wait!!!!

That's all for now, stay tuned for more soon.



Duane said...

It was an AWESOME anti-hodge weekend, Kelly. No doubt!! ;) Thanks for pulling everything together.

I didn't know about the hobo part. ;) Man, I missed a lot after leaving the pub early. :(

Feel better, Kelly.

BaldyLocks said...

I'm not going to read your post just yet because I will cry because I didn't get to go!

I'll read it later and cry. I hope it was fun.

laulausmamma said...

HI Kelly - I got home last night from my few days with family in New Jersey and have to start catching up on all the posts/pictures/blogs that I missed this week.

Our Hodgeapalooza/Anti-Hodgebonanza was beyond words amazing. Thanks for all you did to make the arrangements for the Duck Tour, dinner, BBQ etc. Well done my friend!!


Ryan Armbrust said...

Kel Kel, I do really like you online, but I LOVE you in person.