Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yep, I'm about 90% sure it's shingles. I'm not going to a doctor because it's a pain in the butt and everyone here that has seen it thinks its shingles - so the Valtrex (yep - same thing for genital herpes!) is being flown over thanks to my lovely oncologist calling it in for me on this holiday weekend -- the thank you card is in the mail.

BUT that means my plans for a relaxing massage this week are not happening! Sad lamb. What a scam of a vacation! No massages for me for a good month.

Mmmkay I'm off to hang out with my herpes!



Veronica said...

BOO! Sorry to hear that, Kel......glad you're getting treatment sent over - at least you're not having to work through your shingles.

Relax as much as you can and make sure you get spoilled to make up for it!


Anonymous said...

hope the valtrex works quickly! Shingles suck!

Kaileen Connelly said...

Not fun, I had shingles before! Grrr...

Anonymous said...

Oh NOOOES! Tell your slutty mcslutsky back to stop messing around with dirty boys! That sucks. Sorry, dude.

Bummer no massage, but we'll have pedis when you get home. Enjoy your vaca!!!

P.S. I saw a woman walking down the road in leg warmers last weekend!! Amazing.