Monday, July 28, 2008

Tickets Purchased!!!

I purchased tickets for Chelsea Handler on Friday. Me, Mandy and Pat are all going! Pat thought he couldn't go - but then his work plans fell thru and voila, he's now coming! Yaaaay! I'm so excited for our day of fun!

You'll be happy to know that right now I'm painting some mirrors to hang on my walls tomorrow - it's only taken me ummm forever to paint them and they're tiny! I finally went to the craft store tonight after work. I even bought a weird sponge thing to try and learn to be crafty, I'm sooo not though! ha ha

So anywho, just wanted to post my latest accomplishments! Hopefully I'll actually hang the mirrors tomorrow when they're dry! Fingers are crossed and pictures will be shared :)




Veronica said...

Looking forward to seeing your end results (just hang them straight, OK?!) from your latest crafty project! I bought picture frames to be painted about 6 years ago - they're still waiting :0p

Glad you're going to see Chelsea lady - have fun :)


Miss Melanoma said...

Look at you, you crafty little mama! Who said you can't decorate? I'm anxiously awaiting pics.