Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chelsea Handler = Hilarious

Last night was Chelsea Handler which was funtastic. You would however think that since Chelsea really loves her vodka that it wouldn't have taken me 30 minutes to get a friggin cocktail! We had really good seats, just a few rows from the front, which was awesome! Also, I did get to briefly meet her and Heather McDonald and get a book signed. I had to actually re-buy the book because you weren't allowed to bring your own copy (scam) and you weren't actually really allowed to talk to her, it was kinda weird. She was definitely cracking the whip a bit. The line also took a good hour to get through. But, she did sign my book "Kelly! Suck it! XO Chelsea" You would think I told her what to write, but I didn't! I also said, "You must be getting tired from all the signing" and her response was "Everyone has been saying that, I must look like SHIT!" I also got Heather McDonald to sign my book and she even told me which hotel they were staying at if I got ambitious! I consider myself quite the detective sleuth!

Oh and one amazingly funny thing that happened at the show. So Chelsea was joking (afterall, it's a comedy show) and saying she met some chick from Southie earlier that day who had told her she had been date raped twice, by the same guy... ahem, why would you go back for it again... anywho, this crazy bitch near us screamed, "That joke sucked!" and everyone gasped and booed her, she even stood up and said something about Southie... and Chelsea says to her, umm this is a comedy show, if you don't like it then pack up your shit and leave! It was awesome! The woman didn't leave, which is even funnier. But seriously, calm your shit down! Ha ha!

After the show, Mandy went home and me and Pat went out and had some drinks. He definitely brings out the drinker in me. I stayed at his house, obviously, since I drank a bunch. Then this morning we were thinking about what to do, and were just about to go to the movies, but I convinced him it was waaaaay too amazing outside, so we went and had a random walking day of fun in Boston instead. And yes, Veronica, I finally got your cups -- which was actually why we went! :) We walked all around until about 6pm, watched some performers, did a lil shopping, had lunch, walked near the water, super cute. I told him he needs to get a girlfriend now to take to all these gay romantic places that we found! Ha ha! I'm such a good friend. All in all, really good weekend. I'm so glad I got out and enjoyed the nice weather. It was like a 10 today, bright blue skies, fluffy clouds, warm but a little breeze, just plain amazing!

Anywho, I'm off to go shower and relax now. Hope you all had a good weekend!

Suck it and XO!

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Veronica said...

Glad you enjoyed the show.......I LOVE comedy shows :D

Thanks for going mug hunting for me - you're a true friend <3

Enjoy your week, safe in the knowledge that I am back to work now too..........;0)