Monday, August 25, 2008

Look I'm in the Block Island Times

Check it out, I was in last week's Block Island Times. Thanks to "Auntie" Judy for writing such a nice story.

To read the story click here.




Anonymous said...

That's awesome Kelly! Loved the story, sent it to a few people here too :)

spincrzy said...

Nice! -Lauren

Veronica said...

Geez - took you a while to post about this :0) You superstar you!! Hope you've added your autograph to our package

Duane said...

Terrific, terrific story!

I agree w/ Veronica: you superstar you!!! ;)

Miss Melanoma said...

If Chelsea Handler= hilarious, and I get the same description, then I am truly stoked! Thanks for watching the vid- Bobby says my personality really came through on it, though watching it now, all I can say is I'm such a dork. :) Oh well. Great article on you, btw! Congrats! I'm really putting in a lot of exclamation points in this comment!!!! lol