Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

So Saturday I had a "day of fun" in Boston with my cousin, did a little shopping, went out to my fave restaurant (Artu!!!), had a little pineapple vodka and stayed in the city at the Westin. All was lovely. I'm personally not a big fan of shopping lately, it just makes me cranky, but I'm also looking forward to fall, so I was on a slight mission. Surprisingly, I found 3 pairs of flats that I loved, and I really never buy shoes, and even more, never like them. Sooo I went along with it and bought them, was very impressed by my purchases too.
After we checked out the hotel this morning, we went to breakfast and checked our bags for a little while -- you know where this story is going... Lucky me! They lost one of the bags with my shoes!!! Ugh. And I bought them at Filene's Basement, and I can't find them online, yada yada yada... the place couldn't find them anywhere, they assumed someone must have taken them by accident or they fell into someone elses bag... sad lamb. Soooo I had an option of getting my money back for the shoes that I probably can't repurchase, which were $50, or getting a free nights stay at the hotel another day. I was under pressure, and still had the idea that my shoes might show up, so I took the free night stay.... but really, I'm pretty bummed. It's not like I got to wear them, and I just shelled out $50 for them! I'm kinda thinking about calling them back and seeing if they'll just reimburse me for them and be done, because it's really like I'm paying $50 to stay there.... granted, I think it can be a few hundred bucks to stay there for the night, and it's nice there, buuutttt I don't ever really need to stay in the city. I mean it's a nice treat, but I'm not that far. I dunno. Maybe they'll give me both my money and a free night for my inconvenience. I'll wait and see if they turn up, I'm hoping a good Samaritan gives my new shoes back.

Fingers crossed! Anywho, all in all, a good weekend. I'm an exhausted lady though. There are never enough hours in the day and days in the week! I'm trying to get some stuff accomplished right now before I hit the hay. Fingers crossed for a more low-key week!
Oh and one more thing -- I finally purchased my tickets to Louisville for November! Hooray!



Veronica said...

Another weekend of fun - hooray :)

Glad to hear you had a great time and I love the fact that I know of all the places you're talking about :) Hope your chicken parm was up to scratch at Artu's!!

Are the Westin a chain......would they be prepared to give you a voucher for a place of your choice??......just a thought.........enjoy your week!.........Vx

Veronica said...

YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! Weezer's Pork and Beans is my FAVOURITE tune just now - you are so my tune buddy!! ya.....Vx