Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fighting the Funk

I've been kinda in a funk this past week, which is why I haven't posted as promised. I just didn't want to post the crankiness. There's no particular reason for it either, which is a bit baffling. I'm just kinda eh.

This Friday, I watched that Stand Up to Cancer telethon. It was good, but got me very emotional. I also think some of their stats were wrong as they said something about Hodgkin's lymphoma patients average survival rate is only 2 years - which isn't true. But still, it was funny and emotional, and really made me happy that they had been able to pull it off and have celebrity participation and have it on every major network, except FOX... I wonder why FOX wouldn't participate? Still it was good. I found myself in tears a few times and knew I needed to get out of the apt immediately :) I met Pat at his work and we went out to celebrate a friends birthday. There were about 3 people out celebrating their birthdays, and I threw myself into the mix because mine is on Tuesday. A random drunk guy bought us all shots because it was his birthday and mine was approaching. Lovely. It was a fun time though, which is really just what I needed.

Yesterday I got fancy hair -- colored and cut AND straightened. Ahh I love when it's straight and fancy. I actually really want to wash it though and not have it sooo straight, but I still love it. A few more months and it'll finally be where I want it to be.

Hmm whatelse. Oh, I saw this article in BusinessWeek titled Medical Bills You Shouldn't Pay and I think all of you should check it out to make sure your doctors don't try to scam you to pay extra.

That's all for now.



Candace Kuchinski said...

Hi Kelly! Sorry I haven't commented in a dog's age. I watched the telethon too, alone as well, slightly emotional at times also. I noticed the stat about Hodgkins too and wondered what in the world they were talking about. Did they mean non-Hodgkins lymphoma? All in all, great exposure for cancer research. Happy Birthday whatever day it really is!

Love that picture of you in front of the red background (is that your wall?) with the fancy hair. It's definitely one of the better self-shot self-portraits I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, watched the telethon and cried intermittently. I probably should have started drinking, maybe that would have helped. I've been wondering about FOX as well. If you solve the mystery please make sure you post.