Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here's Some Pictures From Louisville

Sooo I didn't take many pictures since I had Ry Ry and Brian with their fancy cameras.... I'm sure they'll post pictures soon, but for now you can enjoy the petting zoo that we went to on the first day... not your average petting zoo either, animals running around free, Bonnie kicking the fences to get the porcupines to open up, goats as tour guides, and of course alpacas gone wild and almost hitting Jenny and John's cars! There's also a few pictures of me and Darcy... I'll steal some of Ry Ry's when he puts them online.



Veronica said...

Yeah - glad you enjoyed your petting zoo with a difference! The photos of you and Darcy are lovely - sounds like you had a blast - I'm jealous as hell! I did mean to call but totally forgot until Janet Facebooked me to say she'd phoned - I know, I'm such a LOSER!! Glad you had fun - good for the soul!.......Vx

randyofmaine said...

Kelly, this is Randy, the guy you gave free consulting to in the airports on the way back from Louisville. You are a gem, you have a terrific attitude, and you are smart at what you do! I am confident your job search will be short, but in the meantime, if I can be of any help, I hope you will contact me. Enjoy the holidays! --Randy

Darcy Davidson said...

Miss you too, pretty girl. I will steal some Ry pics and post, but it takes SO long to type and click around with my gimpiness. Gonna have to wait until i get a better cast...smiles and lamb faces...D