Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy Bee

I've been a busy bee this week. I went to an Improv show on Thursday, a Celtics game on Friday, had my class on Saturday then went to the midnight Improv show... yep, busy. I think the midnight show is going to have to be on my agenda more often, it was amazingly hilarious, and surprisingly it was packed too!

After class on Saturday we hung out for a bit talking about why we signed up for the class and stuff we're learning. It was fairly emotional for me to discuss why I signed up - how I found myself after treatment in a funk, becoming boring and just no happy with myself... not finding myself being a goof enough or laughing... I'm really glad I did it, because it really does give me that outlet to laugh and be silly, and of course meet fabulous people.

I'm planning on signing up for the level two class this week too. I'm just going to stick with it because it gives me stuff to do and it's amazingly fun.

Oh and next weekend is the Louisville, Kentucky Hodge-a-palooza 2 and I'm getting super excited! Ry Ry was so excited that he thought it was this weekend!

Anywho, I'm off to run some errands and enjoy my Sunday. No job updates as of now, but my fingers are still crossed for the one I applied to earlier last week... you cross your fingers too!



Veronica said...

Hooray for improv - so glad you decided to do it!

And hooray for Louisville :)

I'm back from Ireland, had a blast and ready for bed now ;0)........Vx

Candace Kuchinski said...

hey Kelly! Sorry to hear about the job, but it sounds like you are coping well. Diving into laughter is probably the best thing right now. Your improv classes sound really cool! Good luck with the job search. You'll find something better.

Candace Kuchinski said...

P.S. - Have fun in Louisville and say hi to everyone for me. hope to see them again in June, wherever.

Veronica said...

Louisville info update request :)