Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Viva Mexico!

This weekend Improv class was fun, as usual. I really enjoy all the folks in my class and they are so creative and supportive. Most of us went out for drinks again after class too. I had everyone brainstorming ideas for my Halloween costume --- for like 2 hours after class... No one really liked my Miss Mexico idea, but I couldn't think of anything else, and I knew I had a dress at home for it... so I stopped at Target on the way home from class, hit up the birthday party section because Halloween was already sparse, and found a swanky tiara and clip on earrings! I pulled my costume together in about 10 minutes, and it was a huge hit at the party -- I know, I was surprised too! There were also several Mexican-themed costumes including a guy dressed up as Jose Cuervo! I was amazed that everyone at the party went all out and were really creative with their costumes! There were probably 40-50ish people there I would guess.. and I think there are a few pictures of my costume floating around, I'll post once I see 'em.

As for the job hunt, well still no major leads, but I finally applied to a job yesterday that I think was just written for me. I really hope they email me or call me because it's pretty close to my dream job. Let's all cross those fingers and hope they respond!

Other than that, I'm just visiting my parents until Wednesday or Thursday. I'm planning on going to a few Improv shows this week -- might as well, right? On Thursdays they even feed you apparently... I'll have to look into that :) I'm also going to a Celtics game on Friday with Date Guy, who has now been dubbed Friend Guy, or maybe just Matt... he said it's my early Christmas present since he needed someone to go with and I didn't think I should be spending money on stuff like that... and he said I can bring my big finger and be an ass, so I'm excited!

Okay, I'm headed out to lunch with Annie now.



Anonymous said...

HAHA! So when you're dating date guy he doesn't buy you a ticket, but now that you're friends all of a sudden he's Mr. Generous? Weird...

Anywho, I can't wait to see pics! And have fun waving your giant finger!! :)

Veronica said...

Yeah - I think he won't mind you prodding him with a giant green finger now that it isn't a MAJOR serious game like the last one!! Good ol' FRIEND-guy!!

Glad you went for that job - I've got EVERTHING possible crossed for you!......love ya, kiddo.........Vx

One Mother with Cancer said...

Wow, sorry about the lay off. Hopefully you'll find something much better.

I went to my oncologist yesterday, and they think my Leukemia is back, I'll know more in 2 wks.