Saturday, January 17, 2009


I feel like I have so much to post, but umm forgot it all. Actually...that's a good segue into updating you that the book ChemoBrain by Boston Globe managing editor Ellen Clegg is finally available for purchase, and you get to read a few pages about me which is super awesome. I'm expecting some copies in the mail from Ellen, but for now I know at least my pal Duane in NYC and myself are included in the book. We're hodgetastically famous - er um something :) You can purchase the book here, and you can read more about the book on this blog. Ellen is a terrific writer and made me sound so optimistic and cheerful, even more than I see myself, which is kinda cool. It's great proof to me that I made the best out of such a crappy situation and have come a long way.

Just today someone left a comment that they stumbled across my blog while searching for info about Hodgkin's. After looking at my blog a bit, she realized that we actually knew each other in college - talk about a small world! It makes me happy to know folks can get some reassurance about the hodge when they find my blog. I suppose at some point I should create a post hodge blog, but I'm not there yet and I feel like I would just stop posting all together... and honestly, this is still therapeutic for me. And since I'm uuber forgetful, it does help me remember some stuff :)

Hmm... what else? Well I found out (as expected) that I didn't make the Improv House Teams, but I wasn't awful, so hopefully next time I try out I'm make it. My friend Ben from class tried out with me, and I probably wouldn't have done it without him there. Actually, we both didn't make it. Sooo hopefully we can get better together and move onto the teams after they have tryouts next time.

Also while I'm writing about my improv class - I thought I should share a funny story. When I started taking my class I couldn't stop laughing in the middle of scenes, and the worst part was, I didn't even realize I was doing it. When I got to level 2, my teacher asked me what the hell was wrong with me... and then all of a sudden, I stopped laughing! At our last class he said, "Wow it's been a long time since someone laughed in the middle of a scene, right Kelly?" And then I made him give me an "award" for it.... When I told my mom about it, all I could think of was when I was learning how to swim as a kid. I couldn't swim in the middle of the pool because I'd start laughing and then start drowning, so I had to stay near the walls until I could calm down and stop laughing... oh good times :)

Oh and lastly, I also got my iPod Touch. It's so awesome and fancy and it really is the poor man's iPhone as I wrote before. It's actually part of the reason I haven't updated my blog for a while, I really haven't turned on my computer much since I got it. I also have a feeling my dad is going to jump on the bandwagon and get one at some point now that he's learned it's awesomeness.

Anywho, that's all I got for now. Hope you're all staying warm!



Nic N said...

Hey, Kelly--

Sorry to hear that you didn't get in to the Improv, but better luck next time! They don't know what they're missing, anyway.

I've read the majority of your blog entries--thank you for doing the blog. It really helps those of us who are just beginning our journey with Hodgkins. I hope that someday my blog helps someone out.

I hope you're staying warmer than I am! Have fun with your new iPod!

Veronica said...

Nope - not staying too warm, but kicking myself for missing one of your entries for 2 WHOLE days.....grrrr...I can't even blame chemobrain ;0) The only thing I've got to blame is Facebook - darn thing taking over my life!!

I'm going to get the book just so that I can leave it on my coffee table and go, yeah, my friend is in it!!! :0) Of course, I'll read it too!!

Good to see you update your blog - miss you, lady!...........Vx

Anonymous said...

YAY!! You're totally famous!

We still need to reschedule date night! XO!!

BaldyLocks said...

You're in a book! That's awesome! It sounds like a book I should get. Chemo brain sucks :(

But being in a book about chemo brain, that's awesome :)

Kairol Rosenthal said...

A book on Chemobrain. Finally. I cannot wait to share this resource on my blog too.

My improv teacher was a whip cracker. If we didn't find a way to immediately transform the laughter into content for the scene, public humiliation was in store!

Be well,