Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cancer Survivors Struggle to Find Jobs

I've been feeling a bit stressed about my job hunt these days. Companies are cutting positions to part-time, not providing benefits, and all the jobs I really want seem to be very competitive. This week, I tried the snail mail approach to sending out my resume. We'll see if that helps me get some interviews at least. Also, next week I'll start officially escorting cancer patients to their first chemotherapy treatments at Lahey Clinic. I'll be going over the resources made available to them via the American Cancer Society and hopefully helping to brighten their day and relax them a bit before such a stressful time. I'm looking forward to it!

I'm also planning on attending a non-profit job fair next week which will hopefully provide some networking and potential job leads.

Today I was checking out the New York Times on my iPod and read an interesting article about how cancer survivors find it harder to land jobs post-treatment. Check it out my fellow cancer pals, it was very enlightening especially as more and more young adults are getting cancer, employers just don't know how to react.

I'm going to start flagging more cancer news for you folks, so stay tuned and keep checking in.



Veronica said...

Hey Special must be hard, but don't get disheartened. You're doing all you can to try and secure a job and some day soon someone's going to realise what a catch you are.

I really admire all you're doing, girly.........hoping that something turns up soon for you........Vx

Heather said...

i hope you find the perfect job soon. and how awesome that you are helping out those with cancer! you are great person kelly!

Nic N said...

That was a very interesting article you found. I don't care what anyone says, cancer patients face extraordinary odds in their battle to reclaim their lives from cancer. We are treated differently, period. I know you will find something, it's just very difficult to get a chance in this crappy economy. Don't get discouraged--you will find something that you will be happy with!

Duane said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kelly. I'm going to spread the word.