Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Efficient Are The Charities You Donate To?

With the economy in shambles and people holding their purse strings tighter, it's helpful to know where your money goes if you decide to donate to a struggling non-profit. I recently found this Website called Charity Navigator, which is amazing -- and equally frightening.

Why frightening? You can find out the salaries of non-profit CEOs -- and they're staggering.

The Website ranks charities on several categories to provide you with an overall score of zero stars to 4 stars. The site shows how the charity spends its money - how much of it's yearly revenue goes to funding programs, administrative costs, fundraising costs, and of course how much money they pull in each year. It's very refreshing since most people support charities based on how they're marketed and what celebrities endorse them.

So before you donate to your favorite charity, check 'em out and see how well they're managing their money.


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Veronica said...

Hey charity guru :0)........another great post. The link wouldn't open when I tried it, but I'll try it later......where charity money goes has always been a worry for me, hope I'm not in for any nasty surprises!........Vx