Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tired Is An Understatement

I've been kinda loopy lately. I've been needing lots of naps this week and then my sleep schedule gets all screwed up. I've got an appointment to see my PCP soon and we're going to do some blood work I've been putting off for some time. I'm also thinking I've developed a delayed version of neuropathy. I've been noticing it getting worse over the past month or so. My arms and legs have been falling asleep very easily, especially when I'm sleeping. I wake up and my arm is entirely numb. I'm also having weird stuff going on with my feet. They feel kinda swollen at all times. So then I get Googling on these newly found side effects and I come up with either neuropathy (which makes sense) or diabetes (not cool). Bleh. I need to get active. More active. But I like naps so damn much. Hopefully this will all be determined and I'll get back to normal soon. Oh and my attention span is exceptionally low these days. Dammit.

I feel like I'm missing something in my life and need to find it. Bold statement, but I think that would help.



Daria said...

I often mourn my lack of focus, my lack of attention, my lack of enthusiasm.

It will come back, once treatment is complete ...

Veronica said...

Awww - I love the photo - almost as cute as you ;0)

It would seem that most people who have gone through chemo experience some form of 'something's missing' dilema......hope you find it soon. W thought maybe he'd find 'it' in a motorbike or a guitar or a new job.........he's still looking :0(

Hope your bloodwork has some easily fixed answers for you.......take care and enjoy the naps :0).........Vx

Miss Melanoma said...

Isn't it awesome when you come to the decision to find what it is your lacking? Even if it takes a year to find it, at least you're on a quest. Some of the best times of my life have been on that quest. :) Hope your PCP appt goes well and you find all you're looking for. Great posts, lately, btw.

Take care, peaches-

p.s.- I've been boxing for almost 2 years now, and have some of my first matches coming up within a few months. Exhilarating!

BaldyLocks said...

You know, I have been wondering about my hands, feet and arms. I drop things constantly and sometimes my feet look kind of blue.

Anyway, I hope you find lots of great things, you deserve it.

Nic N said...

You know, I have some neuropathy, too. It began in my fingertips with a little numbness and tingling. It comes and goes, but the very tips of my fingers are always numb. My onc says it will go away with time, but it may take a while.

I know you've read my blog and read about my "loss of self." I totally hear you, loud and clear. I really feel like there is a huge gap in my life right now. I don't know if it's because I'm not doing anything (work, school, etc), but hopefully I will find out what it is soon. Go Survivors!

Mary said...

Huh, I sometimes have my arms fall asleep when I'm sleeping more often than normal, but hadn't thought it related to chemotherapy. luckily that's just wierd, not super annoying.