Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Cases of Children's Death of Lymphoma Due To Parental Neglegence

Today I heard the second story in less than a month of a child's death due to Lymphoma -- one of the most treatable cancers -- because of their parents selfishness and lack of medical attention and care.

The first case was of 8 year old Willie Robinson of Ohio who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma not by his family doctor or local oncologist, but by his coroner. He had never been taken to the hospital or doctors for a diagnosis. According to his aunt in an article she had begged his family to take him to seek medical attention. The boy was pale and covered with lumps showing the state of his cancer progression. Even the boy knew something was wrong and he had begged and pleaded to be taken to the doctor since he couldn't even find the energy to climb up the stairs in his house. Willie's parents were indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and felonious assault, according to court documents.

The second case was in Boston and a 9 year old Autistic boy died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma on Monday. The cause of death -- cancer and lack of medical attention. The mother had missed or canceled many of his chemotherapy appointments and most of his prescriptions went unfilled. The boys cancer progressed into Leukemia before he passed away. The mother is awaiting trial and currently only being charged with child endangerment.

This news is just so painful to read. It makes one wonder if the costs of medical attention were to blame for their children not getting treated. Of course, that's still not an excuse since there are free clinics and even hospitals that will take people without insurance. Heck, even if you just rack up tons of debt, at least their children would be alive to see their 10th birthdays.



Veronica said...

Just heartbreaking - does make you wonder what kind of life they would have had, had they had the chance to live, with such neglectful parents........just makes you sick to even think about it.........x

Texas Art Friend-zy said...

I've always said I'd never wish cancer on anyone, no matter how awful a person they were, but I could almost wish it on those parents. I can't imagine how you just let a child die when there's any chance to save them. These kinds of stories just really, really piss me off.

Dana Hawn said...

Aw, I never heard about these cases till now. Very very sad. Where the heck were those great "agencies" that are suppose to save children in cases such as these?

Naturally, we often wonder about other humans when they show their animal or primitive nature because to many of us it is simply startling. Sometimes when I see stuff like this I often wonder if it isn't a throw back to a simpler primitive form of thinking. Something along the line of only the strongest survive or a form of culling within the family unit. Twisted yes, but still very possible.