Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slacking, Dresses, and Hunting - Oh My!

I'm a Chemopalooza slacker. I just really haven't had much stuff to write about that's worthy of posting.

This weekend I'm heading to an old high school friends wedding, and *hopefully* will get a really pretty dress in the mail before it! One of my biggest annoyances is dress shopping. Okay, I get it, I'm not a size 6, but I'm also not a size 28! I still want to look good and shouldn't have to have someone make me one from scratch just so it comes in my size. After a long day of shopping last Sunday I came home empty handed. I finally did a little internet hunting and sure enough found a few dresses I liked online in my size! It's a big of a crapshoot if it'll make it in time and I have an alternative dress to wear if needed, but I'm excited I could find something online. Here's a picture I found of it online, it's really small because it was all I could find. I must have bought the last one :)
Other than that I've just been trying to get back into full-time job hunting and staying busy. As of now, it doesn't seem that my freelance gig is working out. They've put me on hold until they put together a marketing plan and budget. I really need organization and stability so I'm not thinking it's going to work out, but we'll see. I'm also trying to really figure out what exactly I want to do for a career. Big task, I know. But that's what I've been up to lately.



Kairol Rosenthal said...

I think you should combine your two endeavors and go to your next job interview in that dress. It is fabulous.

Cancer threw an interesting wrench in my career life as well: confusing, intense, though ultimately great. I hope you have some wonderful new work surprises on the horizon!


Veronica said...

LOVE the dress, KK - will bring out those beautiful eyes of yours! Make sure you post pics of YOU in it if you decide to wear it ;0)
Good luck with your continued job hunt.........remember, what's for you won't go by you! 'n' hugs......Vx