Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sixty Percent of Cancer Patients Try Unconvential Treatment Methods

I just came across this article written by the Associated Press that discusses how sixty percent of cancer patients try non-traditional, and typically not authorized by their oncologists, medications and supplements in order to boost immune systems, fight cancer, slow growth, etc. which can ultimately kill them.

Please read this article when you have a moment, it references some drug interactions that might be harmful to you whether you're currently being treated for cancer or not. Here's a few examples from the article:

"Examples of potential harm:
-Vitamin E can prolong bleeding time and has forced cancellation or delay of cancer surgeries; some studies suggest it may raise the risk of certain cancers.
-Beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, may raise smokers' risk of developing lung cancer.
-Folic acid supplements may raise the risk for precancerous growths in the colon.
-Vitamin C in large doses may help cancer cells resist chemo and radiation."

So if you're a smoker, make sure to lay off the beta carotene folks!


Nic N said...

This brings to mind the whole ordeal with Daniel Hauser. It angers me that not only do people so blindly accept some of these "treatments," but that they accept them over proven medical treatments and that choice has cost lives. It makes no sense to me to put your faith in unproven substances, yet reject the science that has years of studies and PROVEN results. Thanks for posting this!

Kelly Kane said...

You're very welcome my friend. It's pretty nuts out there, those supplement sales people just go after the vulnerable...