Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hodgkin's Gets Strong Corporate Advocates

Here's some info that my pal Duane at JournalofaPrizefighter recently shared with me:

Taco Bell President - Greg Creed and Honeywell International - Senior-Vice President Adriane Brown, are emerging as strong advocates for Hodgkin's research.

These two powerful executives reside on the Board of Directors for the Alese Coco - Fight 2 Win Foundation. This New York based foundation is dedicated strictly to Hodgkin's research. Alese was also Duane's friend and they often conversed while she was being treated at Sloan-Kettering. She lost her battle to the Hodge in 2007 at the young age of 23.

On July 1, 2009, Greg Creed and Taco Bell facilitated the taping of the first ever Public Service Announcement for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which was taped at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. The PSA was directed by the Russo Brothers who directed Arrested Development and the motion picture, You, Me & Dupree.

Duane spoke to Paul Coco (Alese's father) last week and he described the PSA as: 'Both challenging and gripping. It will bring much needed attention to a lymphoma that receives far too little consideration from pharmaceutical companies for research. 'The fact is that Hodgkin's has somewhere between 25% - 40% recurrence rate and nearly half of all stem cell transplants fail, and that's unacceptable. We're striving for complete cure.'

The 30 second spot will begin airing nationally on several major networks beginning this September.

Please be sure to check out the foundation's Website and read more about Alese. I've recently emailed with her father and he seems like such an amazing person. I can't wait to see the PSA!



Veronica said...

I'll never forget the moment I heard about Alese's death......her family have been amazing, so driven in finding more answers to this disease which doesn't get the press it deserves. Hope the PSA does the trick in raising more awareness.
There's also more work being done of a similar nature over here by the Lymphoma Association, which is heartening - they are targetting colleges and Universities to raise awareness in the age group which is mostly affected.
Thanks for sharing......<3.......Vx

Miss Melanoma said...

Way to put it out there, girl. Good on ya!