Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Interview Update

Hi folks. Just a quick update that I think the interview went well. The woman I interviewed with even did her research on me and checked out my blog. To me that shows me that she was interested in me -- at least the me on paper.

They are just beginning the interview process. This position hasn't even been posted online (yay) and they had my resume in their database already. HR started with a pool of 60 qualified resumes and then narrowed it down to 5 people to bring in and I was one of the 5. However, that means that right now I'm still actively competing with 4 other qualified candidates so it's anyones game. I should find out in a week or two if I made it to the next round.

Keep everything crossed. It sounds like a great opportunity.



Kate Burton said...

Maybe we could all e-mail her and tell her how wonderful you are, or maybe not?!?

Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed.

Veronica said...

There must be a camera in my house 'cos that girl in your pic is copying my moves!!! ;0)

Hope you get to the next round - interviewing is such a tough process, no knowing if you are just the person they're looking for.........but we know you're the one for the job, just hope they do too!

Love n Hugs.............Vx

Kelly Kane said...

Thanks so much Kate and V. Kate that would be hilllllarious if my cancer pals just kept emailing in references :) XO

Nic N said...

Interviews are the crappiest part of job hunting, but it sounds like you sailed through this one. I will keep my fingers crossed and whatever else I need to cross, hoping you get the job!!

Duane said...

I really hope you get this, Kel Kel! :) It sounds really promising. Thinking of you. :) Hugs from NYC!