Sunday, September 13, 2009

What A Great Birthday Week!

It was a great birthday week for me! I treated myself to a pedicure on my birthday afternoon and did a little shopping followed by dinner with Mandy and Jeff which included the most thoughtful birthday present ever -- homemade lamb cupcakes by Mandy!! And they wouldn't let me share them! After dinner we went to meet up with some other friends and do karaoke in Cambridge. It was a good time, I felt like I was in college, except for that fact I was exhausted when I got home :)
It's the little things for sure. I love when people go out of their way for someone, even if it's just to email and say happy birthday :) The lovely Ry Ry and Jenny even sent me a birthday package last week with a shirt that says "Someone in Louisville Loves Me," thankfully they live there!

Oh and I can't forget that my parents called me and had my dog singing Happy Birthday to me. I guess my training paid off!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Nathaniel said...

Hey Kelly,

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