Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm In A Funk

This week I've been in a funk. I've lost two people to cancer this week and it's been pretty overwhelming. First my poor Uncle Donald, and then dear sweet Adrienne who had battled The Hodge for 13 years.
Sometimes I get so frustrated at myself because I should be living the most exciting life since I fought really hard to get this second chance. But of course that's not always the case. I think all of the cancer surrounding my life and my ongoing hunt to find a job has been getting me down.

Tomorrow I'll be volunteering at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Boston and then heading to Western Mass for my Uncle's wake and funeral. Ugh.



Veronica said...

Hugs and more hugs Kelly.......this too shall pass.........<3

Ellen said...

I connected here through Miss Melanoma and saw your post last night. Ugh. I am so very sorry for your loss. Cancer is such a crappy club to be in and although we don't want to get any new members, losing one is hard. I am a melanoma warrior with an impending PET scan, too many friends and family Cancer Club Members and a desire to live my life with hope and happiness. Please contact me if I can be a sounding board, but really, just know I am in your corner and sorry you have to struggle right now. Your heart will heal. I hope you find peace in your fun memories of your Uncle. Best Regards.

Daria said...

It's devastating to lose a fellow cancer survivor ... sending you strength and courage.

Kate Burton said...

So sorry to lose someone who was on the same road you were, it's a different kind of loss, one I don't have to verbal skills to explain.

As for the guilt, we can't live super lives all the time. Sometime the laundry needs to get done and the trash has to go out. I've gone through similar moods before where I am beating myself up for not living a super life without limits kind of thing.

Live the best life for you and give yourself a break if you want to kick back on the couch and watch a marathon of the Housewives of Des Moines or whatever it is that floats your boat.