Friday, October 9, 2009

No Hodge, No Foul

Thank you everyone for your kind words and comments. I'm feeling much better now. It was good to see my family and as always, I kept them smiling when times got sad. I carried around my iPhone and showed people at the wake my favorite picture of my Uncle Donald... him and my stuffed yak on Block Island. It made everyone laugh and smile. They also said he always wanted to have a recording in his casket yelling at people when they sat down to pay their respects... if only I had known :)

I'm heading to Block Island this weekend for our annual Canadian Thanksgiving Bonanza. It'll be a smaller group this year, but still I'm looking forward to it.

And lastly, I've been meaning to post this for almost two weeks now. I know I had posted that I had activity on my last scan and I was nervous about a relapse. Well it sounds like it's not the case and instead I have mono. I don't really have any symptoms of it other than I have an excuse why I enjoy naps and I snore at night sometimes, weird, I know. I must have the mildest case there is, but I'll take it any day over the Hodge. So as I said to my friend Nicole the other day, No Hodge, No Foul.

I'm working on a couple new prospects and expanding my search a little more. I think my bad luck streak will have to change this month even with this news on the job market. Think happy thoughts along with me. Afterall, it's Fall, my favorite season, that's gotta count for something!



Veronica said...

You always have my happy thoughts, Crazy Lady!! And I suspect there's a very good reason why you didn't know about Uncle Donald's casket request!! :0P

Here's to a change in fortune - no more Hodge-doubts hanging over you and the best Special K job out there........<3

Anonymous said...


I was nosing around the NCCN website and found a job prospect that may interest you, under employment opportunities You may have to complete the free patient registration to view it. 25% Finders fee if you get it!