Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gotta Look At The Positives

We had our first snow storm this weekend, all is pretty and wintery looking now. I'm now in the holiday spirit, I even watched my favorite holiday movie, When Harry Met Sally tonight. I've got most of my holiday shopping done too -- well half. I'm only shopping for a couple people since I'd rather just do dinner with friends as our gifts to each other. And ya know, I'm no millionaire!

I also made out most of my holiday cards tonight -- which means if you think i don't have your mailing address, you should email me it at kelly(dot)kane(at)gmail(dot)com.

Okay, so in other news, the hospital gig didn't happen. They really liked me except they wanted me to have more of a sales background. The HR recruiter and I hit it off though and he's going to keep his eyes out for jobs I'm a fit for. At least they made their decisions fast on it and didn't leave me hanging. See, I'm looking for all the positives here ;)

I'm also still working a lot and even have a prospect for some more freelance work. I'm hoping to land something full-time in the New Year though. I'd like company discounted health care for my holiday present this year, folks. Just incase your shopping for this girl that has everything :)

Oh and good news, folks! I got my H1N1 vaccine finally! Thank goodness for being a cancer survivor and having slight priority over other people!

Okay friends, email me your mailing addresses if you expect a card from me!


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legwarmers said...

Harry and Sally were a good choice last night :)

Also, I'm very happy that you've added Paramore to your playlist. Love it! XO!