Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back From New York!

I'm settling into the grind at work -- it's been a busy couple of weeks there. Things probably won't slow down for another couple of weeks. I went to New York this past week for training but I was so busy I didn't really get to enjoy the city that much. Fortunately, I did squeeze in some late night drinks with my pal Morgan :) Next time there will be more and he promised to sing some songs with me... like this one... I know you love this song too

Other than that, not a lot else is going on. I'm enjoying a little down time this weekend and catching up on sleep as I'm trying to shake a terrible cold I came down with while in New York.

Oh and as an update to my last post -- Wullie ended up not coming this weekend due to the snow and a schedule change on his end. I'm sure there will be another time, so don't fret my lambs.

I hope you're all doing swell. That's all for now :)


1 comment:

Veronica said...

Wow - good to see you being so busy and productive - was the training worthwhile?
Glad you managed to have a little fun while in the Big Apple, too!!

Sitting here waiting for W to get home - got all the way to Europe before any delays, but in a few hours I should have my hubby home!! There will be other times, no doubt and of course you're planning on coming over here!!!!